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Butterfields is my late Orange Tabby. He was a Maine Coon mix, so he was a little bigger than the average cat. The hubby and I brought him home from a shelter when we lived in Boston. We had mice that the apartment's management could not get rid of. However, Butterfields took care of those mice the first day we brought him home. He was a stubborn, feisty, and spirited feline; fascinated with water, but didn't like getting wet. Anyhow, one day he was napping on my Bible and would not get off. This is a fond memory we have of our cat because it captures so much of his character.

It also inspired the name of my Business.

Be sure to watch the clip at the bottom of the page!


Butterfield's Books is a small business that helps independent authors, and small press publishers, with the publication of wholesome books and children's books. My specialty is children's book illustration, however editing, and book formatting are tasks which can be outsourced to Butterfield's Books as well.

Butterfields at his BEST!

Our dear cat passed away in 2018 from heart arrhythmia. We miss him very much and are blessed that he graced our family for 13 years.

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